Working from the intersectionality of women, youths, and minority groups of people, we offer programming that aims to elevate the social status of all peoples of Africa, with a specific focus on the three categories above. Our belief is  that our diversity is our strength.  We deliver cutting-edge programming and research, with a specific focus on health equity, workplace inclusion, and societal inclusion for our target groups through advocacy and education, policy and research, and events.

We are a women, youths and minority groups of people-led charitable organization.
We use needs-based and rights-based approaches to programming by promoting full community involvement and mobilizing all indigenous and local resources to take part in addressing their own challenges.

This is done through three Cs.


We collaborate with different stakeholders such as governments, civil society, and corporations all over the continent to ensure that diversity and inclusion are embedded at every stage of their day-to-day activities. 



We convene different groups of people together to widen the diversity and inclusion conversations and find practical solutions to addressing existing and emerging challenges of diversity and inclusion.


We champion innovative methods to promote diversity and inclusion in different sectors on the African continent.


We are a women, youths and minority groups of people-led charitable organization.


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24 Nsamizi Road, Entebbe : 3 rd Floor, Suite #4, One-Art Building, Abaita-Ababiri, Entebbe, Uganda, Eastern-Africa



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