Who we are

African Diversity and Inclusion Center-ADIC is a non-profit that aims to make increased Diversity & Inclusion on the African continent a new normal through a number of innovative programs.

We partner with Governments, Corporations, and Civil Society to build workplaces that work for Women, Youths and Minority groups of people. We help Corporations move forward with practical tools, and proven solutions to remove barriers and drive change while fostering partnerships that pioneer cutting-edge research leading to the making of a strong case for Diversity & Inclusion throughout Africa.

African Diversity & Inclusion Center, engages Key Leaders from Government, Business and Industry, Civil Society, Academia, other socio-economic influencers, and Thought Leaders to drive Africa’s next transformation agenda.

At the core of our driving philosophy is a strong need for understanding the existing Diversity within Africa and identifying Equality, Equity and Inclusive ingredients necessary to address Africa’s growth bottlenecks. As a champion and trailblazer, we work with Diverse partners to increase visibility on the subject while walking alongside Corporations and Governments on their Diversity & Inclusion journey.

Growing from the wings of another organization, African Diversity & Inclusion Center was established by Ipolito Tebandi Mubiru and Co-founded by John Ssebowa to champion an inclusive culture on the most diverse continent on the planet and increasingly around the world, to prove that Marginalized communities, Women, and Youths can thrive against all unfavorable odds.

Our team is comprised of Women, Youths, Minority groups of people, and Men.