Economic Empowerment

The Economic Empowerment Program seeks sustained improvements in the quality of life of Women, Youths, Marginalized and Minority groups of people through stimulating local economic development and diversifying livelihood opportunities, which can also contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals of Inclusive Economic Growth, and Poverty Alleviation.

Women, Youths, Minority & Marginalized groups of people face multiple challenges to their growth, which range from the lack of access to financial resources, inadequate managerial and technical skills, little access to market information, high levels of vulnerabilities to disasters and crises, inhibitive regulatory environments, and susceptibility to diseases especially HIV. In these circumstances, the Program creates Economic choices through a combination of efforts to build client assets and skills for our target beneficiary communities and help them to diversify their Income Generating Activities by stimulating engagement not only in value addition to their products but also in services that provide additional employment and income opportunities.