Annual African Diversity & Inclusion Summit

To drive Inclusive work cultures, governments and leaders must help employees feel supported, heard, and valued. They must reward Inclusive behaviors while proactively addressing exclusionary behaviors that single out, overlook, and devalue individuals’ unique contributions and sense of belonging.

The African Diversity & Inclusion Summit aims to contribute effectively to the broader conversation around Diversity, Equality, Equity & Inclusion in Africa. With a theme centered on Women and Youths Inclusion, it is designed to facilitate the connection between high-level decision-makers with influencers across the socio-economic spectrum of Africa, and the world to make a strong case for Diversity & Inclusion especially as it involves Youths and Women.
ADIC’s African Diversity & Inclusion Summit will show you how to leverage data and simple behavioral design to make Diversity and Inclusion part of your everyday organizational culture while getting tools and best practices that have been wildly successful for both small and large Corporations.
Learn how to help your organization and corporation adapt to new attitudes and organizational values.
Uncover strategies you can implement right away, touchpoints for difficult conversations, and change management techniques to guide people to true acceptance.
The discussions will be held among Heads of state, Former Heads of State, Corporate Leaders, Human Resource Managers, Youth and Women Leaders, Civil Society Representatives and the Donor Community over two days.

We believe that conference participants have a unique opportunity to shape the policy landscape towards more Inclusive Public-Private Partnerships committed to Diversity, Equity, Equality and Inclusion as well as the development of concrete measures for citizens’ prosperity and wealth creation.
The ADIC is committed to fostering meaningful discussions about an Inclusive Africa we all want to see and harness the existing opportunities for the continent’s continued growth.