African Diversity & Inclusion Influential Lists


The African Diversity and Inclusion Influential Lists, 2019.

The African Diversity and Inclusion Lists are a powerful reflection of the resilience, determination and the incredible achievements of the so many people working together to make Africa an inclusive society. As we navigate through the tumultuous waters of life, we meet people who inspire us negatively or positively. Those who help light our paths and lead us to action to help those at the margins of society.  These are the stories of the Africans inspiring and helping create an inclusive Africa.

We read very inspiring stories from the nominations but while only a few were selected, we were touched by the seemingly small acts of kindness, the responsibility with which they saw a need and took the lead to solve problems in their communities. We were impressed by the positivity with which they transformed stumbling blocks into stepping stones, the courage with which they dared to dream big, challenged status quo and pursued their dreams against all odds as well as their actions and words which inspired many to be the positive change they wish to see in Africa.

The African Diversity and Inclusion Influential Lists celebrate the person behind the achievement and the positive impact he or she has had. After a rigorous selection process, 40 women, 40 youths, 40 minorities were chosen from across Africa. Some of these are names you know and familiar with and others are names which you probably do not know but are making a very positive impact in driving Africa towards being an inclusive society.  Please note: These lists were completed in September, 2019, though there has been a delay in their release due to unavoidable circumstances.

  • 40 Women
    This category recognises 40 African women role models who are helping to make African an inclusive society through their different initiatives and projects. Nominees for this category were women who are already successful in working on a particular project or initiative whose aim is to make Africa more inclusive.
  • 40 Youths
    In this category, we present 40 inspirational Young leaders, working on different initiatives across Africa, to help make this continent a better one through diversity, equality, equity and inclusion.
  • 40 Minorities
    In this category, we present 40 inspirational African leaders who are minorities in different respects from the differently abled, to the albinos who are always hunted down by sorcerers and witch doctors for their body parts who are making a significant contribution to diversity, equality, equity and inclusion across Africa.
  • 20 Male Allies
    This category acknowledges the contributions of 20 male adult Africans who are outspoken and unwavering in their support for women, youths and minorities across Africa. These come from every part of the continent and from different areas of endeavour.

African Diversity and Inclusion Center (ADIC) is a Pan-African Women, youths and minority led organization working with diverse partners to promote diversity, equity, equality and inclusion across the Continent. Through different programs and cutting-edge initiatives, ADIC works to promote the belief that unless all of us work together as Africans, embrace each other and treat every single one of us as equal, we cannot achieve the dreams we have for Africa.