Michael Aaskov

Vice President, Human Resources, Global Technology Services, IBM Europe
Michael has worked at IBM for several years. A company well known for being in the forefront in terms of the Diversity & Inclusion agenda, and who over the years have been a first of a kind in many initiatives on the Global agenda. In his current role, Michael is the HR VP for an organization with 30,000 employees spread across more than 40 countries including Delivery client centers in Central Eastern Europe. Michael covers all aspects of the HR and People agenda, and on a daily basis drives and influences varies initiatives which will lead to the desired outcomes. Michael acts as the trusted advisor to the GM and leadership team. He leads a diverse top professional HR team across Europe. Michael also acts as mentor for a number of HR professionals from across the Globe. He is a co-inventor and holds a patent in 'Social Network analysis for use in a business'. Originally from Denmark, Michael has spent the past 20 years abroad, living in several places, such as Paris, Copenhagen, Dubai and London. Prior to his recent role, Michael spent 5 years living, and working in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, and Africa, spending a significant amount of time travelling in the region. Michael holds a Master Degree in Economics. Michael is married and have two daughters, and today lives in the UK.